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    EasyPlaster™ | Correction plaster for beautiful and healthy nails

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    Treat your nail pain quickly and effectively!

    Are you suffering from pain due to an ingrown toenail or fungal infection? Or are you dissatisfied with the shape of your toenail? Our revolutionary EasyPlaster™ uses a unique lever mechanism to correct the angle of nail growth and return the nail to its natural position. The patches straighten each side of the nail and ensure homogeneous and aesthetic growth.

    Beautiful and healthy nails guaranteed

    EasyPlaster™ are very easy to apply and require no additional handling. Simply stick the patch onto your toenails and press firmly. Thanks to their shape and strong adhesive power, the EasyPlaster™ then offer a lever mechanism that returns your toenails to their natural shape and guarantees beautiful and healthy nails.


    ✔ Cures All Nail Conditions - Thanks to its innovative design and technology, the EasyPlaster™ helps with a variety of nail conditions, such as ingrown toenails or fungal infections.

    ✔ Painless & Easy - The EasyPlaster™ allows for painless and quick correction of the nail and contributes to better long-term nail care.

    ✔ Boost Your Confidence - Stop hiding your feet! Finally walk with a smile in sandals, slippers or barefoot thanks to EasyPlaster™. Your toenails will be straightened and finally look healthy and natural again.

    ✔ High quality material - EasyPlaster™ are made of high quality materials for practical and comfortable use.

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