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    Silly Walk wall clock

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    Perfect modern wall clock

    The Silly Walk wall clock was made based on Monty Python's sketch Ministry of Silly Walks. It's not official memorabilia, it's a project to make people laugh and give them a fond memory of him. 

    Silent operation

    Completely silent with a high quality movement, a quartz movement that does not tick and makes no whirring noises. The precise quartz sweep movement guarantees accurate time and a completely silent environment. You get a quiet night with minimal power consumption and longer lifespan. It is harmless to the environment and health.


    ✔ Silent clock - The precise second pendulum mechanism guarantees accurate time and a completely silent environment. Since it has no tick, no TICKTOCK, no noise, it will not disturb you when you are reading, working, thinking, talking or sleeping.

    ✔ Perfect Decoration - The creative clock design is unique and personalized to decorate your room and add a different color to your space. Perfect for living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, classroom, guest room, office, dining room, coffee shop, library or any wall of any color

     ✔ Battery Powered - Powered by 1 piece AA battery (not included), a good battery can last more than a year.

    ✔ Wide Slot - There is a wide slot on the back of the clock for easy hanging, and equipped with a bracket, it is also good to put on the desk.

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